Unlocking funding of underrepresented founders in the Nordics

Survey to understand challenges underrepresented founders in the Nordics face when raising funding.



A number of partners and individuals in the Nordic ecosystem has come together in order to gain a better understanding of what obstacles underrepresented founders in the Nordics are facing when raising startup capital. 


The survey is focusing on underrepresented founders – women, LGBTQ+, people of colour, immigrants – who're running startups in the Nordics and are currently fundraising (or have previously raised capital). The insights gained from this survey will be used to design initiatives that aims at eliminating the extra challenges faced by underrepresented founders in the Nordics



This survey is anonymous. If you like to state your name and stay in touch you are welcome to, but this is not a necessity. The survey is created together with a group of female founders in the Nordics, Slush, The Nordic Web, Bootstrapping.

Do you consider yourself to be an underrepresented founder?

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